Natural Pain Management


Dr. Cathryn Hu, The founder of Advanced Acupuncture, Inc., is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine formerly trained in China Medical School of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Completed further post-graduate studies in the United States. She has over 30 years of private practice. Dr. Hu is Board Certified by theNational Commission of Certification in both acupuncture and Herbology and is currently a clinical Research Facilities Committee member at U.C. Irvine Center for the Study of Complementary Health Care. Dr. Hu specialized in pain management by acupuncture and herbal medicine. Her focus of treating chronic conditions is prevention.



Acupuncture is an alternative medicine which is a primary health care modality that has flourished in China for over 3,000 years and is widely used throughout Asia and Europe. It is a therapy that uses natural laws and energetic with the application of Needles and pressure to specific points on the body, which are grouped along specific pathways or meridians that cross the body. As long as the energy flows freely through these pathways health is maintained.


Acupuncture is the philosophy of view that the body is complex energy network. Ancient Chinese divided this energy into Yin and Yang, the two opposite aspects that are at once in conflict and interdependent of each other. Not only does this concept involve energy, but it actually encompasses everything in the material world. This division of energy into its polarities is sometimes described as a system of opposites, such as back and front, hot and cold, male and female.

Acupuncture for: 

·        Ankle Pain

·        Foot pain

·        Hand

·        Headache

·        Joint pain

·        Knee pain

·        Low back pain

·        Muscle Spasms

·        Shoulder pain

·        Wrist pain

·        Etc.


The endorphin hypothesis discovered by Dr.Bruce Pomeranz, M.D., Ph.D. from University of Toronto, Canada in 1976 proposed that acupuncture analgesia is a result of peripheral nerve stimulation which send impulse to the brain to release endorphin, a natural opiate, and thus causing analgesia to relieve pain. Point locations are especially sensitive to stimulation and may be part of a defense and protective system.



Acupuncture and Natural Medicine are noninvasive means of relieving pain, stress and muscle tension and stimulating neurological activity without the use of pharmaceutics. They are effective not only as a preventive medicine, but a drug-free treatment of sighs and symptoms. The World Health Organization of the U.N. has publicly announced successful treatment of over forty illnesses with use of acupuncture. It is intriguing of how the migration of an ancient art of healing through time and across culture, has initiated a new synthesis of ideas and application as it interacts with economy and culture of our health care system.