Natural Weight Management

Our natural weight management program is designed to help you lose weight without temporarily restricting your diet or using medications. 

Based on the rich history of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we believe that if the body maintains healthy metabolic rates, it will take off extra pounds and keep the body healthy and fit. Many facts may affect one’s metabolism, with the unhappy results of being overweight or, worse, obese.

Speed up your metabolic rate and keep extra weight off permanently.


Our 5 Step Weight Management Program


Step 1: Initial Evaluation

We begin with a review of your medical history, a physical examination, a thorough laboratory test, and analysis of your body fat percentage. the cause of the weight gain and then determine a customized treatment plan. Thereafter to establish individualized treatment plan, we re-evaluate your condition after the first course of treatment.

Step 2: Acupuncture Therapy

Activating specific points in your body cause a release of endorphins and other neuron transmitters to speed your metabolic rate. This also releases retained water, increases fat acid transformation and reduces appetite.

Step 3: Herbal Formulas

We use a variety of herbal formulas specifically designed to relieve stress, speed one’s metabolic rate and reduce weight.

Step 4: Diet Plan

Based on each patient’s condition, we provide a specific dietary recommendation to assist you in creating a healthy diet and reaching an optimum caloric intake level. This helps maintain a healthy weight.

Step 5: Exercise

We also suggest an exercise plan that helps you reach your optimum weight goals.


Obesity Treatment by Auricular Acupuncture

  • 60 patients diagnosed as pathological obesity (20% > normal weight)
  • Each patient measured body weight, Bp, glucose & lipids level
  • Auricular points with electrical stimulation for 20 min. each session
  • Treatment was given three time a week for 1month.
  • The average weight loss was 12 lbs. (3lbs/week)


*Treatment session includes acupuncture, herbs, diet plan & exercises.
( We recommend a series of 10 sessions with two sessions per week for 5 weeks initially, followed by a maintenance program.)