At Advanced Acupuncture, we provide a wide range of both short and long-term training, as well as comprehensive professional development programs to assist you in achieving a profitable state-of-the art acupuncture practice. Our world acclaimed-staff provides you with programs that are tailored to your professional and educational needs.

1. Continue Education Course - Our CEU classes are only the beginning at Advanced Acupuncture, currently pending for board approval and will be announced shortly

2. Externship: Hands on clinical training for newly licensed acupuncturist who wish to be a successful practitioner. A comprehensive series of courses that ensures you have the tools to run a successful Acupuncture practice.

3. Certification Programs - Subspecialties: One year of clinical training with the area of the interest and 50 units of the continue education course. ( 25 core course and 25 elective courses) 

  • Certified Pain Management Specialist
  • Certified Primary Care Specialist
  • Certified Fertility Enhancement Specialist

4. Residency Programs:

  • Salary position in the clinical setting
  • Follow-ship for hospital inpatient care
  • Research assistant for related projects

5. Other Services: 

  • Clinical Networking: Our vast network of professional contacts is available to you through our clinical networking program. Years of experience at the regional, state, national and international level provides us with a vast group of cutting-edge health care professionals with acupuncture, TCM, and allopathic training. Only those clinics that meet our rigorous standards are included in our clinical network. Personal knowledge, on-site interviews and review of operations are all methods we utilize to determine that the practices that are included in our network meet our standards. In short, our clinical networking bridges pre-screened acupuncture practices with qualified practitioners that we provide patient Referrals to those experts. 
  • Clinical Research: With two clinics and privileges at four hospitals in Southern California, we have both the skill and access to establish, execute and mentor clinical research trials. In this program we provide you with skills in research methodology and assist you with project assignments.
  • Job Assistance:Our principals have vast connections with acupuncturists, allopathic doctors, and spa operators who are all in great need of certified acupuncturists. Our network can provide you with job placement or specialty referral in an environment of your choice that allows you to use your skill set for professional and financial rewards. We can process your application on line.
  • Business Consulting: We appreciate that during the many years of training to become a skilled acupuncturist there have been few courses that provide you with the tools to run a profitable practice. Our certificate program offers training in these areas; however, sometimes that is just the beginning. We are prepared to work with you in a one-to-one capacity in establishing, repositioning or expanding your practice.
  • Franchise: Each of our principals has over three decades in business and acupuncture. We have a complete franchise package which provides you with name-recognized branding and all of the procedures, protocols and support necessary to set up a turn-key acupuncture operation. In our package we provide you with information on how to recruit, screen, hire, train, motivate, and retain employees. In addition, we provide you help with standard operation procedures for the financial and administrative sides of your business, billing information, equipment selection, and a full array of sales and marketing support.