Strengthen Immune System

You may be asking yourself, how can acupuncture help my immune system? Well, the immune system contains receptors for endorphins & neuropeptides. There are also connections between the immune system and the central nervous system, with these connections acupuncture can help target those nerves which connect the brain to the spleen and other organs that produce immune cells. The immune system responds to chemicals and secretes chemical messages.

Qi (vital energy) is the fundamentl substance with helping acupuncture help in increasing the strength of your immune system. If Qi is strongly reinforced, then body resistance is strengthened.

Acupuncture promotes Qi and blood circulation, providing essential nutrition and oxygen to your body parts and tissues. This helps the system function normally and properly.


Allergic Reaction

Definition: An abnormal reaction or sensitivity to a harmless substance that dos not bother most people and is  usually   hereditary. 

Mechanism: When an allergy-prone individual is exposed to an antigen (foreign bodies perceived by the body's defense   system) his body reach by producing antibodies. 

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The Immune System

Like the bodies of other animals, the human body has a defense system, which can recognize and eliminate foreign bodies when it is invaded by such bodies. Since microbes have existed on earth for several billion years longer than human beings and animals have, both human beings and animals need a good defense system in order to survive healthfully. This defense system is called Immune System.

When our immune system is functioning normally, we should not feel such symptoms such as fever, pain, swelling, or itching in our bodies. However, when the immunological activity decreased or too many antigens are over powering the defense system, then we will feel such symptoms until a normal condition is recovered. The symptoms of the different stages of immunological reactions can be assigned to the defense systems of inflammation and allergy. The two kinds of lymphocytes involved in the immune response are B-cells and T-cells.


Immunity Related Disease:

- Common cold and allergies
- Asthma
- Recurrent urinary infection
- Candidiasis
- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
- Hepatitis

Enhance Immunity with Chinese Herbs

Most Chinese medicines, whether they consist of single herb or combined formulas, are adaptogenic and tonic immunostimulants. They stimulate blood flow, or microcirculation and affect metabolism and the endocrine system. Since it is the characteristic of Chinese herbs not only to cure disease, but also to restore the normal functions of the body in order to strengthen the patient’s resistance, re-evaluation of Chinese herbal medicines could lead to the discovery of new treatments for many diseases.

Herbs suggested For Preventive care:

- Ginseng
- Dang Kuei
- Astragalus
- Condonopsis
- Licorice
- Ling-chih

Strengthening the Immune System:

Ingredients: Chinese white flower, Paris herb, Scutellaria, Dandelion, Bai-mao root.

The possible benefit of these combined ingredients is the protection against tumors, acute infections, reduction of painful and swollen lymph nodes, reduced tendency to infection, and reduces the drainage from ears and eyes