"When I walked into the acupuncture room, my first impression of the room was clean, fresh and organized. Overall, the room had a healing energy. Nurses Zina and Wint, always with radiant smiles, attend to every patient with care and love at the clinic.

Dr. Cathryn Hu is a wonderful, skillful, and caring doctor. Her moral and spiritual beliefs are admirable and respectful. She is a 'Miracle Doctor.'

From the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate everything Dr. Hu has done for her patients."

- Sincerely, Grace Teng

Name *


“I came to Dr. Hu because I had acid reflux and loose stools. I already noticed improvement after my first treatment. Dr. Hu is excellent...”

- Lisa K.


“I came to Dr. Hu for my allergies. During the 3rd and 4th treatment I began to feel improvement. I have learned a lot about my body and the staff is excellent. I am recommending Dr. Hu to everyone I know...”

- Vivian L.


“I came to Dr. Hu because I had anxiety. After my fourth treatment I began to feel an improvement. Dr. Hu is very friendly and professional. I have learned that it is a natural way of healing; it will not be hard for me to encourage anyone to seek for acupuncture.”

-Sonia M.


“I couldn’t be more pleased. I came to Dr. Hu for Bell’s Palsy and immediately after my fourth treatment I felt a difference. It was wonderful. I would not endorse this care enough. It works and it gives great results...”

- anonymous


“I had never even thought about acupuncture before. I knew nothing about the medical aspects or about the philosophy behind it, but I couldn't see how having needles stuck in me would have be so prescriptive for me. Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my friends James and Sabine Owens insisted I see Dr. Cathryn Hu. They served as a messenger between the doctor and I. James contacted me everyday to see if I'd called her yet. At the time I had just been through breast cancer surgery and starting chemotherapy and I was already over whelmed. I did not even want to do chemotherapy! I was to scheduled to have weeks of radiation therapy along with additional drug therapies. I had already had enough on my hands without the complications of adding another doctor. But James kept insisting that acupuncture could help me, and finally, I called Dr. Hu.

By the time my friend Sabine took me to the Advanced Acupuncture office, I was in pretty bad shape. I wasn't sleeping, I was barely eating, the lining of my mouth had been painfully affected by the chemotherapy, and what I did eat immediately went through me without time to retain nutrients. My tongue had a thick white coating. I was dropping weight and getting weaker.

Dr. Hu had thoroughly examined me, looked over the medical reports I brought her, and told me I needed to continue the chemotherapy which gave me the best chance, but that acupuncture would help reduce the side effects. I was skeptical. However, that first treatment made me a believer. I returned home able to instantly sleep better, eat better, and I began retaining the nutrients from what I ate. I started having regular acupuncture treatments throughout difficult weeks of chemotherapy and radiation with far fewer side effects and far more energy.

Because of this experience, I want to share what I am learning about breast cancer and acupuncture with you. I want you to know that you don’t have to suffer alone.

I want to be the friend to you that James and Sabine were to me.

- Nancy D.

Dr. Hu has been instrumental in my survival and ultimate well being after a breast cancer diagnosis in 1997. Twelve days after surgery, I began regular acupuncture treatments with Dr. Hu that continued through chemotherapy and radiation. In addition, Dr. Hu prescribed packages of assorted herbs that I used to prepare medicinal tea. I am convinced that acupuncture and herbs helped me feel stronger throughout cancer treatment. In the years following chemotherapy and radiation,  I have often dealt with a below-normal white blood cell count and fatigue. As a result, I need to focus on reducing stress as much as possible, pay attention to diet and exercise, and see Dr. Hu for acupuncture. With the addition of regular acupuncture treatment, blood tests have shown that my WBC count moved into the normal range. With regular acupuncture, I have more energy. Dr. Hu’s excellent care has made such a difference in my life.


 “I have been having problems with my back and my neck for several years. I was introduced to Dr. Hu and after my sixth treatment I started to notice a difference. She is the greatest. Acupuncture really works. Everybody is very professional. Don’t miss the opportunity to get better care”

- Moty Z.

I came to Dr. Hu for lower back pain and after the third treatment I noticed a difference. I think Dr. Cathryn Hu and Dr. Allan Hu are wonderful. Their office is warm and loving. The atmosphere is peaceful. I would recommend to get treatments it works and it feels great.

- Cheryl F.

 “I had pain between my spine and shoulder blade, which sometimes extends to the front of my chest. With acupuncture a few months later I noticed improvement. Dr. Hu is wonderful she has helped me a great deal. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone who is suffering with any kind of pain because it does work and you could feel better faster.”

- Susan T.

 “I came to Dr. Hu because of upper and lower back spasms. I felt relief after the first visit. You can allow your body to be helped if you allow yourself to seek treatment through Cathryn Hu."

- Odessa C.

 “Dr. Hu has very good Techniques. I came to her because I had back pain. After my third treatment I began to feel a change. I encourage anybody to see Dr. Cathryn Hu.”

- Li-Choan S.

 “Very nice staff and Dr. Hu is very well informed in the medical profession as well as acupuncture. I came to Dr. Hu for back and shoulder pain. I noticed a difference after the second visit. I like the idea of taking natural medications. I highly recommend anyone to give Dr. Hu a try for any pain condition you might have.”

- Amy C.

 “I initially came to Dr. Hu for back pain. Dr. Hu’ and her associates techniques were very good and attentive. I had excellent results. I noticed a difference after my first visit. I got immediate relief from pain when ordinary doctors couldn’t help.”

- William F.

“I had back and neck pain for a long time. I started to feel a relief after my first visit. After my first month I had a huge improvement. It just works for me.”

- Maryann P.

 “After the first treatment, I started to feel a difference on my back pain. I have learned more about the actual process of healing oneself holistically and the benefits of doing so naturally. Dr. Hu provides excellent care and she’s very confident. My pain was completely relieved and the process very relaxing.”

- Michelle D.

 “If you are not getting satisfaction from your doctor and need to get relief from extreme pain, this is the place to come! They are wonderful! I was in extreme pain. I couldn’t lie down, it was difficult to walk, and sitting was a problem. After the second visit Dr. Hu had improved my lower back pain and my headaches.”

- Mary R.

“Dr. Hu's unique techniques are excellent and very gentle and kind. I had come for cervical pain. Approximately after my fourth treatment I began to feel a difference.”

- Bonna R.

 “I came to Dr. Hu because I have pain in my mid back. Dr. Hu’s Techniques are very comfortable and the attention in her office is very courteous and attentive. Her treatments have been very helpful for me so far.”

- Maria N.

“I came to Dr. Hu because I had lower back pain. After my fifth treatment I started to notice a difference. Dr. Hu and her staff are very good.”

- Saabano Z.

“Dr. Hu has continuously helped me with my back injury since 2000, so its close to 10 years that we have know each other. Thank you for all your help and support all these years”

- Onaeling. 


Going in for acupuncture for the first time, I was very skeptical. I went in to attempt to treat neuropathy (nerve damage) in my hands and feet as a result of cancer treatments. However, after receiving two treatments (and with more to come) I've already seen a noticeable improvement in my condition. I can walk much much greater distances nearly pain-free and can already use my hands a bit more. And what is a man without his hands!? These hands put us on top of the food chain!

The facilities are very clean and very accommodating. You get a private room for treatment - the rooms are pleasantly lit and relaxing while you receive treatments. The waiting area is warmly lit and comfortable.. The staff so far have been incredibly friendly, including the doctors.

When I looked up acupuncturists in my 10-mile area, I got over 100 results (I suppose what do you expect in Arcadia?). Advanced Acupuncture treats a huge variety of problems, many, or possibly all of which are detailed on their site. I chose them based on what appeared to be a scientific, professional approach to acupuncture and was not disappointed.

So far, Advanced acupuncture has helped me deal with a crippling condition and made a believer out of a skeptic.

- anonymous


 “I think their techniques are wonderful and amazing. It’s the only thing that has helped my ankle to heal all the way. I have learned that I like holistic treatments much better than any other kind of medicine, because it’s natural and there are no side effects. Everyone really cared about my well being and I felt that they really wanted me to get better. If I could only share my personal story and success, I would show people how happy and amazed I was with my results.”

- Gitana V.

“I have been coming to Dr .Hu because I have knee, neck, and back problems caused by a car accident. Her techniques are very professional.”

- David A.


 “I came to Dr. Hu for three things: High blood pressure, anxiety, and arthritis. After my 3rd treatment I noticed a difference. Dr. Hu is terrific. She is better than a medical doctor.”

- Rudy R.

“Different than traditional medicine but I’m satisfied with the results. I came to Dr. Hu for High Blood Pressure and headaches. After my 3rd treatment I stated to feel different. It just couldn’t get any better. Based on my personal experience and treatment I would recommend her. I am so highly pleased with my results.”

- Roy G.

 “I came to Dr. Hu because I have asthma and high blood pressure problems. After the first treatment I noticed a difference. Dr. Hu is exceptional.”

-Doman H.


"I came to Dr. Hu for Menstrual Cycle problems and PMS. I believe that after the 6th treatment which coincided with cycle, I saw a difference. My complexion is much better as well. Dr. Hu is very very welcoming and knows what she is doing, I give her my trust, because she has given me results. I believe that while Western Medicine has advantages so does holistic health. Youare more in tune with your body. She is very welcoming and sweet. She remembers everyone. If everything else has been tried. Try acupuncture. Results usually surprise people because it is not so well known."

- Aleksandra D.  

" I came to Dr. Hu for pre-menopause. I started to notice the difference after one month. Dr. Hu is excellent. She has helped me a lot. I am very calm, no more bloatiness and no more symptoms of pre-menopause. I have gotten better. Her staff is very friendly. I encourage everyone to see Dr. Hu. She is a great Dr. Very educated."

- Mona C.

 “I feel confident that Cathryn is able to help me with my problem. I came here for infertility  and after my twentieth visit, I felt the difference and my test results had greatly improved."

- Carlos M.

 "Wanted to extend a warm thanks to Dr. Hu’s healing hands.  I have appreciated all the time and care you have given me on the journey to my recovery. I could never thank you enough for helping me to fulfill my dream of bringing another life into this world.

-Therese W.

“Dr. Hu- thank you so much for the beautiful tiger outfit. Our new baby girl is going to be a beautiful tiger princess!!! Thank you for the baby-book as well. I cant wait to start putting it together for her. I hope all is well with you all. Thanks again for the love, support, and encouragement. I am at 25 weeks and going strong. All my love.

-Tina H.

Dear Dr. Hu, Thank you for sending the baby the bath tub seat. It will be very useful.”

- Anne & family

Dear Dr. Hu thank you for all the baby clothing and all the blessing that came with it. I cant wait for my baby boy to wear it. I was very happy to see you and will keep in contact. Please send my best to all the team.”           

- Esther


"I Came to Dr. Hu after my previous OB/GYN told me that she could not determine why I was miscarrying. On the first visit, Dr. Hu was able to identify the cause of my miscarriage. Dr. Hu integrative care. Which consist of acupuncture and herbal treatment, helped me convince and prevent miscarriage. I am currently 12 weeks pregnant and this is the farthest I've gone. My husband and I are very grateful to Dr. Hu for helping us."

-Aracely and Julio

“I came to Dr. Hu because I had insomnia and hormonal imbalance. For insomnia, it was about eight visits with the help of her individually formulated herbal tea. I now am able to sleep well. It was painless and relaxing. It is important for your health. Excellent service.”

- anonymous

“I began taking acupuncture treatments in 1980 for bursitis in both shoulders. I also took treatments for a shore right hip and a sore right shoulder. After 6-8 treatments, I noticed quite the improvement. I think Dr. Hu has amazing techniques, they have personally helped me a lot. I heave learned that given a little help, my body will learn to heal itself. The personal attention received in this office is top grade. I recommend acupuncture to anyone that tells me of their aches and pains, using myself as a model for acupuncture treatments.”

- anonymous

“I came to Dr. Hu because I had constant headaches and I started to notice a different almost immediately. Her techniques are professional and quite effective. I’d recommend it to close friends and family members.”

- anonymous

“The personal attention in this office is great. I came to Dr. Hu because of chronic fatigue syndrome. After my second visit, I felt better and noticed an obvious difference. Dr. Hu is very knowledgeable in her work field.”

- anonymous

“I came to Dr. Hu for excessive bleeding and menstruation for 40+ days; ultimately it was a benign uterus tumor. I noticed improvement in my first two to three weeks. Dr. Hu is wonderful and her techniques are almost immediately helpful. Dr. Hu was the first doctor to really note what was wrong and the only doctor to make the excessive bleeding stop. The personal & dedicated attention is outstanding and I have never felt so human in the presence of a medical practitioner. Dr. Hu’s patience and genuine compassion helped me believe I would get better even when I wasn’t so sure at first. Thank You, Dr. Hu”

- anonymous


“I had a painful right knee for two months that left me unable to bend or climb steps. I would awaken from sleep with throbbing pain. I had no sleep interruption after the second treatment and after having three treatments I was pain free. I am grateful and glad I got her help and treatment. The staff is very friendly &  felt like a very special patient of Dr. Hu right from the start.”    

-Dennis R

I had Right foot swelling from major surgery. After 5 treatments I felt the difference. The techniques Dr. Hu uses are excellent. I have always been a believer in holistic health benefits which work better than drugs for your body. The personal attention in this office is great. Dr. Hu is a great communicator which helped me help myself in dealing with my surgeon and physical therapist.

- Diane K. 


“Everyone is very professional and Dr. Hu is very knowledgeable. It takes patience to see your body heal. I started feeling a difference after my third visit. I could say that acupuncture offers alternatives not explored by traditional medicine.”

- Juritta M.

 “I began to notice improvement on my back and leg after my first treatment; every one seems to be so caring.”

- Rile F.

“I came to Dr. Hu because I have back, shoulder, neck and leg pain. After my second treatment I started to notice I had less pain. It’s extremely effective, relieving, relaxing and lifting. My preference over pain medications. It has better results and no side effects. Everyone in the office is great, attentive, and responsive. It’s the best way to seek relief of any pain, symptom, and problem.”

- Francesca M.


“I am being treated for LPP. After my first visit I saw improvement and felt relief. Dr. Hu is extremely proficient, very caring, and a professional doctor. I have learned that holistic health will solve a problem that many years of drugs and medications couldn’t. I feel that the personal attention is excellent. I would advice everyone to seek her guidance because Dr. Hu is extremely knowledgeable in her field.”

- anonymous


 “I had bad eye-sight. After my third acupuncture treatment I began to feel a difference. The techniques may seem weird at the beginning but after you see yourself improving it really seems good. The personal attention in this office was excellent. The staff in both offices are the best people and they are all very sweet.”

“Dr. Hu has helped me with my metabolism, allergies, sleep, and back tightness. After my fourth or fifth visits I stated to feel a difference in my sleep and my back tightness. Dr. Hu techniques are wonderful and I recommend Dr. Cathryn Hu to all my friends. The personal attention is great they all know me by name and accommodate me nicely for appointments. Acupuncture with Dr. Hu has been the only treatment that has made me sleep through the night.”

- anonymous


“After chemo I had numbness in my hands, legs, and feet. Due to chemo treatment it will take me a little longer to feel a difference. Their techniques are very open to thoroughly explain treatment. Everyone makes you feel happy with their welcoming personal attention. I was unsure in the beginning but will continue. I have talked to others here and know it works. I would say to try it and you will believe and see results.”

- Darlene M.


“I came to Dr. Hu because I had a pinched nerve. After my second treatment I began to feel a difference. Everybody was nice and has helped me a lot”

- Alfred D.


“Dr. Hu's techniques are great! They work! The personal attention in this office is excellent, the Dr. and staff care about you and your problems as well as your day to day life. I started to feel an improvement after the second treatment. I had been coming for smoking. It’s a Non Standard Medicine.”

- Stephen C


“I came to Dr. Hu for an overall maintenance, stress management, and fatigue. I had two treatments and that’s when I started to notice a difference. Her work is groundbreaking and  her staff has great bedside manners. There is a lot to be leaned from eastern medicine, she is excellent and has an attentive staff with attention to detail. I couldn’t five a more glowing recommendation”

- Jeff B.

“I came to Dr. Hu because I had a torn tendon in the right shoulder. In less than a year I stated to feel a difference. I love Dr. Hu, she’s the best. Acupuncture works and everyone in her office is extremely professional, helpful, and compassionate. I have already referred four other patients to her.”

- Cathie G.

 “Thank you for all your many ways you have shown me that you have cared for me more than just a patient”

- Fessler R

“Dr. Hu thanks for the gift, and your kindness and goodness.”

- Jacqueline B.

“Dr. Hu- the pages in this little book are just like you: Beautiful, Inspirational and filled with Hope. We are so blessed by you.”

- Shirley & Norman W.

“Dr. Hu, thank you for everything that you have done for us! We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for your continuous effort and care. I know we have more treatments to go but we wanted to take a moment to appreciate you and thank you

- Diana & John

“Dear Dr. Hu, Thank you very much for the wonderful evening. It was great to see you both. I had a great time. I hope I would be able to see you more in the future.”

- Simon A.

“Thank you for your warm hospitality. The entire night was such a delight. Everything from the food to the experience was a new discovery to us. We hope to see you Saturday. Thank you again.”

- Shigezo & Yoko O.

“Congratulations, and best wishes on your 27th anniversary!!”

- Shirley M.

 “Thank you for the unique, “pearl” tea. The tea is very refreshing and enjoyable, and real healthy. Wishing you a healthy and Happy New year.

  - Sidney H.

“Thank you for all that you bring to our lives!”

- Rayne A.


 “I am being treated for my sciatica  and in about three visits I started to notice a difference. She is just the best and her staff is very welcoming.”

 “ I suffered from sciatica neuralgia which radiates to the hamstring and also suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. I went to Dr. Hu’s clinic only three visits and soon realized that Dr. Hu’s techniques are life altering. I learned that acupuncture can make a tremendous difference quickly. The personal attention of her staff is beyond excellent. I will encourage others to seek Dr. Hu. ”

- anonymous


“I have been coming to Dr. Hu to treat my thyroid problems. I have felt some difference, but the problem has persisted for almost ten years since 2000. Dr. Hu is a compassionate genius and her techniques are impeccable. Dr. Hu is a champion who gives 110% to every patient who is in her care. I have recommended Dr. Cathryn Hu to numerous friends and family members. You’ll be lucky to be considered part of Dr. Hu’s family of patients.”

- anonymous