Cancer Prevention

Cancer continues to be the major cause of death world wide. Especially for the people has strong family history, should be cautiously monitor their health issues that related  to the disease, whether has symptoms or not. PREVENTION is the key for not allow the disease from occurring or lead to early diagnosis. At Advanced Acupuncture, Inc., we are offering following programs for cancer prevention:


Strengthen Immune system-

All cancers are resulting from the weak immune system that the system could not prevent our DNA from mutation, so the cells start generates abnormally to cause cancer. Therefore, strengthen our immune system is the key to prevent cancer before occurring. For the patients who already diagnosed cancer, it is curtail important that they can strengthen the immune system before or during chemo or radiation therapy, because it is the key to win the battles with medical treatment. Acupuncture and herbal therapy may reduces the anxiety, increases body metabolism, and balances the immune response, therefore strengthen the immune system.

Like the bodies of other animals, the human body has a defense system, which can recognize and eliminate foreign bodies when it is invaded by such bodies. Since microbes have existed on earth for several billion years longer than human beings and animals have, both human beings and animals need a good defense system in order to survive healthfully. This defense system is called Immune System.

When our immune system is functioning normally, we should not feel such symptoms such as fever, pain, swelling, or itching in our bodies. However, when the immunological activity decreased or too many antigens are over powering the defense system, then we will feel such symptoms until a normal condition is recovered. The symptoms of the different stages of immunological reactions can be assigned to the defense systems of inflammation and allergy. The two kinds of lymphocytes involved in the immune response are B-cells and T-cells.

Pain management during chemo and radiation therapy

Some of the chemo therapy and radiation therapy could cause inflammation after certain times of the treatment. Acupuncture could successfully to manage the pain by induce the endorphin release naturally form the body to minimize the pain. At the same time to anti-inflammation by releases the corticoids (a natural steroids that released same time with endorphin) and substance P to repair damaged tissue). Therefore, acupuncture can not only manage the pain during chemo or radiation therapy, but also minimized side effects than take other drugs.

Minimize the side effects of Chemotherapy

Chemo is the life saver therapy if once we be able to tolerate the course. However, some chemo used to kill the cancer cells may also interfere body healthy cells that cause the severe symptom due to malfunction. The National Cancer Institute lists the following common chemotherapy side effects: Anemia, appetite changes, bleeding problems, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, hair loss, infection, memory changes, mouth and throat changes, nausea and vomiting, nerve changes, pain, sexual and fertility changes, skin and nail changes, swelling (fluid retention), and urination changes.  Our program is designed by use individualized protocols, to minimize the side effects and maintain the healthy cells continue to function properly, thereafter to preserve our healthy cells not damaged by the chemotherapy, In some cases, we may prescribe individualized herbal formula to reduce the symptoms in additional to the acupuncture therapy.       

Reduce the Effects of Radiation Therapy

The American Cancer Society lists the following common radiation side effects: Fatigue, skin problems, hair loss, blood count changes, and eating problems. Radiation can damage normal cells, and sometimes this damage can have long-term effects. For instance, radiation to the chest area may affect the lungs or heart. Radiation to the abdomen or pelvis can lead to bladder, bowel, or sexual problems in some people. Radiation can also lead to fluid build-up and swelling (lymphedema), particularly common after breast irradiation.


Individualized Herbal Formulas and Natural Dietary Plans

For the best results and speedy recovery, we are experienced to formulate the individualized herbal decoctions for our patient based on the patient needs. From inspect patient’s tongue and pulse, we make the oriental diagnosis for the patient, thereafter to prescript herbal formula. Such formula usually also will be continue modified based on the progress of the conditions. Therefore, most our patient has great results from it.  Such natural herbal treatment will not only enhances the metabolism and body immune system, but also detoxify the side effects from chemo and radiation therapy.


Medical Qi Gong Therapy

Medical Qi gong is the practice of meditation and the gentle breathing exercises to improving cancer patient’s quality of life. Due to chemo and radiation therapy, the patient usually will survive but quality of life is significantly decreased due to fatigue, nausea and pain, etc. To maintain the healthy mental state and control energy flow and increasing blood circulation, medical qi gong therapy can achieve these goals. In our office, the licensed Qi gong master will not only treat patient with discomfort, but also teaches patient to learn the basis technique of Qi gong, so they can practice it daily to improve their conditions and aid the speedy recovery for normal life.


I. Acupuncture to minimize the side effects during cancer treatment:

  1. Pain management
  2. Nausea & Vomiting
  3. Neropathy
  4. Hot flashes
  5. Fatigue
  6. Dry mouth

II. Oncology Massage:

III.Herbal and natural remedies:

  1. Individualized formulas
  2. Therapeutic diet

Hair Restoration

Hair loss could result from many heritage or pathological changes. Therefore, treating hair loss also should be based on the etiology. We have designed many different effective protocols that achieved remarkable results.  Initially, we are analysis the cause or diagnosis of the disease, design the specific treatment protocols based on the individual conditions.



Immunity Related Disease:

- Common cold and allergies
- Asthma
- Recurrent urinary infection
- Candidiasis
- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
- Hepatitis

Enhance Immunity with Chinese Herbs

Most Chinese medicines, whether they consist of single herb or combined formulas, are adaptogenic and tonic immunostimulants. They stimulate blood flow, or microcirculation and affect metabolism and the endocrine system. Since it is the characteristic of Chinese herbs not only to cure disease, but also to restore the normal functions of the body in order to strengthen the patient’s resistance, re-evaluation of Chinese herbal medicines could lead to the discovery of new treatments for many diseases.

Herbs suggested For Preventive care:

- Ginseng
- Dang Kuei
- Astragalus
- Condonopsis
- Licorice
- Ling-chih

Strengthening the Immune System:

Ingredients: Chinese white flower, Paris herb, Scutellaria, Dandelion, Bai-mao root.

The possible benefit of these combined ingredients is the protection against tumors, acute infections, reduction of painful and swollen lymph nodes, reduced tendency to infection, and reduces the drainage from ears and eyes.