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Advanced Acupuncture, Inc. was established in 1984 at this facilities Dr. Hu and her staff are dedicated to providing Traditional Chinese medicine for natural pain management and many other common health challenges. Please review our following signature programs and contact us if you have further questions.

Dr. Cathryn Hu, the founder of Advanced Acupuncture, Inc., is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine formally trained in China School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition, Dr. Hu has completed further post graduate studies in the United States. Dr. Hu has been practicing in California for thirty one years and has also been a best overall professor at South Baylo University. Accepted by her peers as an acupuncture expert, she has served on the State Board of California as a Chief Examiner for more than ten years. Dr. Hu is a privileged allied health professional staff at both San Gabriel Valley Medical Center and St. Johns Health Center. Dr, Hu is a board diplomate of American Academy of Pain Management and also Board Certified by the National Commission of Certification in both Acupuncture and Herbology and is a Clinical Research Facilities Committee member at U.C.Irvine Center for the Study of Complementary Health Care, currently she is participating as a co-investigator for acupuncture and breast cancer research at John Wayne Cancer Institute. She is a qualified medical evaluator in workman's comp system since 1994.

For 34 years Dr. Hu has integrated Eastern and Western medical philosophies for pain management and other common health challenges. Looking beyond the symptoms, we focus on your balance and wellness to provide you a custom solution that is based on ancient techniques. 

In addition to serving patients in our office, Dr. Hu is a privileged health professional staff in San Gabriel Valley Medical Center and St. Johns Health Center. If you or your family member needs medical acupuncture inpatient hospital setting, please have your attending physician refer to us.


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"When I walked into the acupuncture room, my first impression of the room was clean, fresh and organized. Overall, the room had a healing energy.Dr. Cathryn Hu is a wonderful, skillful, and caring doctor. Her moral and spiritual beliefs are admirable and respectful. She is a 'Miracle Doctor.'From the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate everything Dr. Hu has done for her patients."

- Sincerely, Grace T.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Cathryn Hu's about 8 years. She is AMAZING! When I first went to see her, I was in such pain that I had difficulty sleeping and my hand and foot were numb. Her diagnosis was right on, which was confirmed with an MRI she ordered. The western medical approach would be neck surgery/spinal fusion. I keep on a regular maintenance program which is once a month. I live a normal, active life and I am pain free! Hands down, Dr. Cathryn Hu is the best of the best."

-Gary P.


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